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The Art of Regifting


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     Have you ever received a gift that you just don't have a use for or just not want?  We   

     all have.  What do you do with these presents?  Do you keep them as a good measure

     towards the giver?  That wouldn't make much sense.  Wouldn't it make more sense to

     find someone that may want your unwanted items?  Is it an acceptable practice

     to regift them? 



I didn't like what you got me neither!


1. The Gift
2. The Regift        

3. The Re-Regift 

4. The Angry Return Regift


     If you are facing this dilemma, you are not alone.  One survey found that 25% of

     Americans regift unwanted presents.  Most experts agree that regifting is not only

     acceptable, but sometimes essential.  The problem is that experts have developed

     some myths over the years.  Below are some "experts'" myths and how I handle these



Keep track of who gave it to you.

     Myth:  The most humiliating thing that you could do is accidentally give the gift back

     to the original giver.  Remember, the purpose of regifting is to give to someone who

     may have more use of the item than you.  However, you do not want to hurt anyone's

     feelings in the process.


     Palumboism I only give gifts that I want in hopes that the person will regift them

     back to me.  The heck with who gave it to you. Who wants to spend the time and

     effort trying to remember who gave what to whom.   If they don't like it, they

     shouldn't have given it to you in the first place. 


Don't mention it.

     Myth:  There usually is no reason to tell people that the gift that you are giving them

     is a regift.  It is a fact that can be left out more often than not.  


     Palumboism:  Let them know that you got a gift that you didn't want and 

        they were the first person to come to mind.  What's not good enough for you may do

     quite well for them.


Use a different wrap.

     Myth: If you are going to regift, at least rewrap the gift in some fresh wrapping



     Palumboism: The whole point of regifting is to save time, money and effort. 

     Wrapping paper isn't cheap.  Besides, if you are a true regifter, you want to give it with

     everything you got it in. This includes wrapping paper.  Use the same paper and get

     rid of it!


Don't regift something that you've used.

     Myth:    A regift is only acceptable if it is a new item and something that you

     believe the recipient will be able to use and like. 


     Palumboism: How in the world can you decide if you like something or not until you

     give it a try.  Open it up and try it out before deciding to give it away.  It is still a

     perfectly good gift. 

Take off the old tags. 

     Myth: Make sure you remove ANY evidence of it being a prior gift including all gift



     Palumboism: With a little liquid paper, you can barely tell the difference. 

Don't give partially used gift cards.

     Myth: With the increased popularity of giving and receiving gift cards, it may be 

     tempting to regift a portion of your gift card.  This is not something that experts  

     would recommend.    Imagine getting something like this:

     "Happy Holidays Artie.  May the season fill you with joy and love. You will find a 

     Starbucks gift card for $7.32 enclosed.  I hope you enjoy. 
     Uncle Ren"


     Palumboism: A partially used gift card is better than a completely used gift card.  I'd 

     be happy with $7.32 for Starbucks. Wouldn't you? If not, you will probably be 

     disappointed with next year's gift.

5. The Angry Return Regift Trash Dunk

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